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County Art Workshops brings art instructors to Prince Edward County to engage with art students seeking high quality instruction in an inspiring destination. Group workshops allow participants to enjoy the camaraderie of learning with other like-minded students. From photography to painting, pottery to hand-blown glass, art is everywhere in The County. Be sure to visit.

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Weekend workshops permit intense focus, drawing on the teaching expertise of established Canadian instructors.

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Because of the demand for accommodations in The County from early spring through late fall, we urge you to book accommodations early.

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Prince Edward County emphasizes ‘farm to table’ which has lead to an impressive number of excellent restaurants. 

Dear Artists,

In these unprecedented times, it is obvious that some workshops will be cancelled. Registrants will be notified as cancellations roll out.

Art can continue to play a significant role in our lives at a personal and social level. To help facilitate social connection among, County Art Workshops is hosting an art challenge on Instagram. Please go to countyartworkshops on Instagram for more details. 

While the drawbacks to our new reality are readily apparent, I welcome the less obvious benefits this imposed shelter in place state brings: here’s a gift of uninterrupted time in my studio, an unexpected chance to focus on my work, freed of other obligations and distractions. I have so many paintings that have been waiting for me and instead of travel, teaching, and all the many things that usually get in the way there’s just hours of studio time ahead for the foreseeable future. To me it seems that creative people have been given a huge gift at a time when the world most need to see and hear from us.

Jeanne Rosier Smith
15 March 2020

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